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    1/14~1/19大村MB大賞 - deta.sakuraweb.com

    1/14~1/19大村MB大賞 - deta.sakuraweb.com
    登録者:でたでた@管理人 投票総数:605 投票開始:2006年01月13日23時47分33秒 投票終了:2006年01月20日【終了】

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    No one on the ground was injured inthe incident. The three crew members were unhurt, but some of thepuppies included in the freight were tossed about and injured. An air force pilot died when his warthog a-10 thunderboltjet crashed while he was trying to land at willow grove air reservestation near philadelphia, pennsylvania.

    A controller at the airport suggested that they find thehydraulic fuel reservoir and dump in any liquid they could find. A police officer and gardener were killed when a policehelicopter crash-landed on the grounds of a mexico city policeacademy. A usair dc-9 was about to taxi onto the runway when flamesstarting coming out of one of its engines.

    A marine corps fa-18 hornet jet from andrews air force basein maryland crashed in the atlantic ocean 40 miles off ocean city. A chartered boeing 757 carrying members of the white housepress corps aborted takeoff when a cockpit signal indicated a reardoor was open. Three people were killed when their small airplane crashedinto a house just minutes after taking off from the birminghamairport and then wobbling over downtown birmingham, alabama.

    Air forice c-131 hercules cargo plane had to make an emergency landing in the cayman islands after smoke began filtering into the cockpit. Three armed men, probably colombians, hijacked a smallprivate plane from kwabena airport, a remote airstrip in northwestguyana. Libya, 37 civilians were killed in the bombing raids.

    Leftist rebels of the national liberation army shot down ahelicopter that was ferrying soldiers to an oil pipeline attacked bythe rebels. The 53-year-old pilot was hospitalized with a broken wristand some facial cuts after his small plane crashed shortly aftertaking off from the potomac airfield in fort washington, maryland. The fire was brought under control whenthat engine was shut off, and the plane was able to land safely a fewminutes later.

    About 30 people were injured as they collided on theescape chutes. A russian sibirairbus a-310 passenger plane with 200 people on board overran the runway at irkutsk, crashed into a building, and caught fire while attempting land early in the morning. The plane, which tookoff on wednesday, was not reported missing until friday. Five people were killed and fifteen injured when a yak-40passenger plane crashed while trying to land in western siberia. Auto racing champion emerson fittipaldi fractured his backbut his son escaped uninjured when the ultralight carrying themcrashed into a swamp near their citrus farm in araraquara, brazil.

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    Airplane Disasters, Aviation Disasters: Fear of Flying Site
    Do Not Enter If You Are About to Fly. The following page is the complete listing from Airplane Disasters, by John Kremer. This file features more than two thousand ...
    Stevie 168 Viagra Discount Adams air boeing 737-400 in the mountains of sulawesi island in indonesia. A cross-country skier rescued three injured people whosesmall piper 28 plane crashed near the continental divide (rollinspass in colorado). New jersey couple who lost their child when an american airlinesboeing 757 strayed off course and crashed near cali, colombia in december, 1995. One person was killed andtwo others were critically injured. The vomiting passenger told the crew that he might beinfected with hepatitis c. Despite a ceasefire between the dissident congolese militiaand the army of president pascal lissouba, mortar blasts and grenadeexplosions rocked the area around the brazzaville airport in therepublic of congo. An azerbaijan airlines yakoviev yak-40 jet crashed in flamesafter being hit accidentally by a burst of machine-gun fire from amilitary exercise on the ground near azerbaijans national aviationacademy. The main air traffic control computer at the indianapolisair traffic control center crashed, thus causing flight delays acrossthe entire region.
  • Germany: Hamburg

    It waslater determined that the woman had fallen or been pushed from theapartment building. He suffered some backinjuries upon landing but was able to walk away on his own. Shortly after taking off from the airport at bogota,colombia, a boeing 727 airliner leased by air france went off course,hit a mountain, and exploded in a fireball. Egyptiancommandos stormed a hijacked egyptair jetliner parked at the maltaairport. A nigerian adc boeing 737 passenger jet crashed shortly after taking off from the abuja, nigeria airport, killing 99 people including ibrahim muhammadu, sultan of sokoto and  the leader of the nations 70 million muslims.

    The plane had beencarrying tajik rebel leaders on their way to peace talks in pakistan. Air force galaxy transport plane carryingequipment and personnel for president clintons visit to argentina. After one of its engines caught fire, the planecrashed at the end of the runway, slid into the airports perimeterfence and burst into flames. A saudi arabian airlines jet carrying 312 people collidedwith a kazakstan airlines ilyushin-76 cargo plane just outside newdelhi, india. When two soviet aeroflot jetliners collided over theukraine, 173 people died.

    The crash, which happened in the western city of lviv was theworlds worst air show disaster. The plane was able to return to the airport withoutfurther incident. A national boeing 727 crashed on approach to the pensacola,florida airport. One the same day, a united airlines boeing 747 hit massiveair turbulence over the pacific ocean, causing the jetliner to dive1,000 feet. An allegro airlines charter dc-9 jet ran out of gas and hadto make an emergency landing at the tampico, mexico airport --pancaking about 200 yards short of the main runway. An air national guard f-16 fighter jet crashed at joe fossfield in south dakota. An american airlines boeing 757 returned to john wayneairport when crew members heard a loud bang in the left engine as theplane was taking off. Rainierin washington, killing all 32 aboard in the single worst loss of lifeon the mountain. A small private plane flew into the protected air space ofdetroits metropolitan airport in michigan, thus coming dangerouslyclose to commercial jets going in and out of the airport. This file features more than two thousand airplane crashes, near misses, and related accidents organized bydate.

    Hamburg, Germany; Garland (Tx), United States; Moji-Guacu, Brazil; Popayan, Colombia

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